All your communications on the same platform

Generate all communications to your internal and external audience in a single platform, with integrated tools, segmented actions and metrics to increase ROI




Create an advanced relationship space with your audiences with tools that will increase the value of your relationships and the satisfaction of your target audience.



Have tools available to increase the flow of valuable information from your audience in all directions.



Develop and enhance the knowledge of your target audience and your organization with tools that allow you to expand your knowledge and receive feedback from everyone.



Generate fully segmented communication and access actions on the same platform for each audience and for each sub-profile of said audiences. All in the same place.



The tools that organizations regularly use, all available in one place: courses, email campaigns and PUSH notifications, surveys, launch events, webinars, wall, content library and much more. Everything integrated into the platform and your system.



Get global and segmented metrics, historical and live, to increase ROI and better understand your audience.

High impact events

Create your hybrid and virtual events in one place, be it conferences, webinars, trade shows, product launches and more. Segment activities to give each event audience what they need and generate high-value metrics. All with a high impact design.

  • Relationship 360: Our solutions allow the relationship between all participants through chats, video conferences and round tables, with the possibility of managing appointments.
  • Permanent Interaction: Activities such as Questions, Surveys, Evaluations, etc., that allow to be an active part of our solutions.
  • On-Line Measurement: Metrics and indicators instantly on everything that happens in our solutions, having valuable information for decision-making and actions, both for the administrators of the solution and for its sponsors and stands.
  • Powered booths: a space for interaction where attendees can find out information about the booth, request appointments, hold chats and videoconferences, and more.
  • Everything in one place: From our platform, without the need to enter other sites or apps. Streaming, Networking, Virtual Library, Activities, Stands, etc.
  • Tailor-made events: Community Solutions - Virtual and Hybrid Events - Courses with their respective Certificates, all personalized in design tailored to the client
  • Activities for everyone and segmented: automatically define event profiles and provide specific activities to each audience.
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